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Alpha One Protocol was created as a VIP solution for men. Currently we are exclusively serving patients in Arizona and California.

Our protocol is a step-by-step method in which men can make sure that they are bio optimized from the inside out.

The Trident 🔱 approach consists of:
Muscle, Macros and Mindset.

Muscle- once bioptimized a focused hypertrophy plan delivered via the AlphaOne Protocol App leads each client on an individual fitness journey while competing against other members of the brotherhood.

Macros- meal tracking, food habit course correction and sustainable meal planning are present to fuel the physical targets personalized to each man.

Mindset- breaking down the beliefs that may hold a man back and instead building a thought process that moves him forward such that body and mind accurate to their fullest potential.

Dr. David Boyd, a medical visionary, created Alpha One Protocol after years of suffering the effects of low testosterone.

Dr. Boyd understands all too well the difficulties that other men face, because he faced them too.

He developed a systematic approach that generates Improved mental clarity, powerful physicality,and a fantastic sex life. This systematic approach has proven successful in each client when they follow the step by step approach.

No waiting rooms.
Online telemedicine consultations.
Amazing app based fitness.
Testosterone and supplies direct to your door.

If you watts reach your next level.. it’s time to Alpha Up!

Low Testosterone & Male Hormone Therapy Doctor : David Boyd, MD - TRT Specialist

David Boyd, MD

Founder & CEO, Blindspot Medical

Who is Dr. Boyd?

Dr. Boyd is a medical visionary that has helped thousands of patients over the last decade take control of their health. He has been featured on NBC, ABC and Univision affiliates.

He is board certified, a clinical professor and has been the personal physician to celebrities and A-lister’s.

His no-nonsense approach to health accountability based on the facts of your body and mind can literally be life changing.

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I’ll bet you never thought that there are thousands of men out here with low testosterone! It’s a real problem and it can have some serious effects on your life. You might feel moody or irritable all day long, not able to get an erection for weeks at time…and worst yet-ruin relationships all around because you just can’t figure out what is wrong with you.

Click on the video and let me share my story of how low testosterone has affected me. You might be surprised by what you hear!

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