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What’s up guys. Dr. Boyd, here I am the founder and CEO of Alpha One Protocol. And I wanna talk to you today about erectile dysfunction.

The current solution that men are sold in the name of erectile dysfunction treatment is to take a pill and that’s simply it. Not to treat the root cross, not to treat the problem that’s going on underneath. It’s just this idea of take a pill. And drug companies love to sell you pills. Why? Because they make tremendous profit off of you taking this pill for a problem.

I want you to consider that instead of just treating the problem, instead of just treating erectile dysfunction, there’s a way to master erectile dysfunction, such that it’s either gone completely or is not such a major problem in life.

So you have two options.

You can either, option A: just treat the problem, take more and more pills at higher and higher dosages, and have higher and higher risk of the potential side effects of those pills. Or, option B: you can actually master the problem at hand. This is what alpha one protocol offers because it doesn’t just treat the issue, it treats the underlying problem that’s there.

The majority of time, the reason why men have erectile dysfunction is its part of the aging process for one thing. But as we age, we lose muscle mass, we have decreased blood flow especially in the genitals, both due to aging arteries and veins, as well as an enlarging prostate. Overall that ships away at a man’s confidence, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Nothing will reduce a man’s confidence more than an erectile dysfunction and not being able to please the partner.

Alpha One Protocol is very different. Part of the way that we treat erectile dysfunction is to treat the overall man himself by making him healthier overall. This begins with high quality blood tests so that we actually have the facts of where you are, so that we can then see where you need to go.

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The next step is fitness.

Diet and fitness are incredibly important. There’s no pill that can undo a bad diet. So getting very clear on what a man wants their functional level to be, how they want to look with their shirt off, and the level of activity that they want to be able to have in their life. All this correlates with the level of activity that they want to have in the bedroom.

As you can imagine, the stronger that a man is, the better they feel about their physicality when they take their clothes off. The more mentally clear they are and their ability to connect with their partner, as well as all the benefits of improved blood flow, having the hormones appropriate. Then if you need to add a small dose of a medication to help with erectile dysfunction, you can’t. And instead of using these giant doses of Viagra, Cialis, etc., very often once a man, even with terrible erectile issues, is squared away on all these other areas of their life. If you’re healthier overall, you can use a small dose of something like Cialis. Not only does it work, usually get a couple days out of it that it works well.

So especially when it comes to buying these medications, heck some of them go for like $10 or $12 a pill, it works out much less expensive to actually take care of yourself and have a healthier life overall in the process. Don’t take a pill and just treat the problem. Instead, step up, actually have a solution, and be at a better place in your life overall. That’s what alpha one protocol is all about, to be the best version of yourself from the inside out.

I hope that resonates with you gentlemen. Go ahead and click the link here at the bottom and you can set up your completely free consultation, and I look forward to seeing your other side.

Remember health is wealth. Invest in yourself. I’m Dr. Boyd.

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