3 ways to tell if the TRT clinic you’re going to has no idea what they’re doing!

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May 12, 2022

How to know if your TRT clinic is not the right one?

Here’s three ways to tell if the TRT clinic you’re going to has no idea what they’re doing!

Number one, if they’ve never checked your igf-1 level.

Igf-1 is an insulin growth factor. It essentially is reflective of what your growth hormone level looks like.

If they’ve never checked your IGF one, you don’t know where your growth hormone level is. Testosterone and IGF-1 MUST be in sync in order to increase muscle mass, keep a healthy weight and improve energy levels.

Number two, if they have you on Anastrozole, the other name for which is Arimidex.

It is a chemotherapeutic agent that was originally given to women with breast cancer to help lower their estrogen levels.

A lot of TRT clinics take a cookie-cutter approach and give guys Arimidex with the thought that lower estrogen levels must be better.

Here’s the problem: when as you increase testosterone, estrogen is going to increase as well. But that’s not necessarily bad.

Consider something, pre-menopausal women have a much lower rate of heart attacks. Why?

Because their estrogen level is higher.

Consider that estrogen is one of the biggest anti-inflammatories in our cardiovascular system.  Men have a real benefit of actually having a higher estrogen level on board as it decreases inflammation in the cardiovascular system and may decrease the risk of heart disease for men.

The Third thing is, where are they having you inject?

Now, it depends on the formulation of testosterone that’s used. So, don’t go changing the way you inject your testosterone if you’re currently under the care of a physician without first speaking to that physician.

But a tell-tale sign, if you’re in a cookie-cutter TRT clinic, that really isn’t up on research, if they’re having you inject in the muscle, instead of into the love handle area in subcutaneous fat (absorption is just better in fat).  Be an improved patient (you got to know what you’re doing and what you’re getting.)

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Dr. Boyd

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